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January 27, 2016

As I won’t let anyone forget, I am graduating from college in May. I know, I know, but please hold your applause for the actual ceremony. Just kidding. But not. Or am I?

Despite how much I really was hoping that 2016 was going to be as great as 2015, it really hasn’t been so far. It has actually been kind of shitty, and January feels like it has been draaaaaagging on and on and on and on. As soon as I feel myself standing back up again I keep getting kicked in the face back down to the ground (or in this case, my bed because that’s where I’ve been hiding for a pathetic amount of time these days). I’m waiting on a job that I’m stoked on, but that’s all I’ve been doing: waiting.

But a week ago, I realized there was more to life than the comfort of my flannel sheets and New Girl. Like, damn. I’m GRADUATING. I can officially do whatever the hell I want with my life after I slightly drunkenly walk across that stage. And allllll I’ve been talking about since high school was how much I just want to go far far away.

So that’s what I’m doing. After my best friend gets hitched, I’m bailing. After I finish repaying the couple of small debts I have, I’m buying myself a ticket out and saving up to stay away as long as possible. I’ve already started planning and budgeting. That’s how real this is. That’s how adult I’ve become. Still can’t afford groceries though. That’s beside the point.

Everybody keeps asking me where I want to work when I’m done (haven’t even thought about it), if I’m going to move back to Elko (lol no), or if I’m just trying to run away from my problems (probably). But who says I have to work immediately after I graduate? I’ve gone to school every damn year for 17 years. Elko is nice, but yeah no thanks. And I may be running away from my problems, but then again I might just be running toward something really great. I actually read this really great article that made me feel better about my impulsive decision to leave. I DESERVE TO DO WHAT I WANT. So do you.

So what’s standing between you and doing the things you’ve always talked about doing? Probably a bunch of things that you’re just making up because you’re too scared to do it, honestly.


I’m your new role model. You’re welcome.**

**Disclaimer: I’ve had a lot of caffeine and that tends to make me a little more jazzed, so it’s really okay if I’m not your role model. Even though I really should be.

Anyway, I promise I’ll actually write about places I’ve been lately really soon. Also, any decently-sized trip planning tips are highly encouraged.

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