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January 23, 2017

Welcome to my post that is titled with a very incorrect version of our beloved Fetty Wap’s song (which is still a banger, no matter how much we wished we hated it).


School is back in session – not for me of course HAHA – and for all of you sad souls that have to be thrown back into months of crying in the library (and in your car…and in the kitchen..and in line at the grocery store) and stress-eating your weight in pizza rolls and mac-n-cheese, just know there’s hope ahead. Whether you are trudging through the snowpocalypse with one semester or four left, know that you will still be doing those things after you graduate but now with a college degree. I have definitely found myself on a shameful amount of occasions purchasing a bottle of wine and cheesy bread on a Tuesday after work, using the poor Raley’s checkers as my cheap therapist. That’s just how my post-college life has been.*

*A lucky bunch of you will be lucky, however. You’ll find your direction right out of the gate while the rest of us will skip along not far behind. Either way, we’re all just lucky to be living decent lives, pizza rolls or not.

Struggling to find where the hope lies?


Well here it is. Despite my quarter-life crisis I have been suffering through since I (half-hungover/half drunkenly) strutted across the stage at UNR, I have recently reflected on the beautifully amazing wreck I call my life to actually decide on a direction. In the last few months I’ve had friends pass too soon, and I’ve had friends go pursue greater things halfway across the country. It just feels like there’s not enough time with everyone and not enough time for myself.

Anyway, finances have always seemed to be a roadblock in my eyes. If I had the money, I would do this or that or go here, but DAMN IT, I am poor. And at one point that rang true. I worked part-time jobs and used that money to buy groceries, dinner out, and party until the clock struck 10pm because by then I’m already exhausted. But since starting a full-time job with decent money, I still found myself with no savings and a hangover. I wasn’t happy, and I was bored.

Luckily I have someone that doesn’t bullshit with me. He told me that if I wanted to do the things I wanted to do, I had to choose what that really was. It was either traveling, or going out every weekend with my friends/eating out/hitting the mall. While all-of-the-above sound amazing, I knew he was right.

I decided I was going to stop feeling sorry for myself while I watched literally everyone else do the things I have always wanted to do while I sat at home watching yet another season of Seinfeld in a single day. I have officially bought myself a ticket to the the Big Island of Hawaii for March to visit one of my most beloved friends, and I am on track to buy myself a couple of other big trips throughout the remainder of 2017.


The moment I bought that ticket, I felt a weight lift off. I don’t really feel paralyzed anymore. I just need to constantly reprioritize. We don’t have an infinite amount of time, so all we can do is do what we can with what we have – both to learn on our own and experience what we can with the amazing people we’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with. We all deserve that, whatever your goals may be. NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, AM I RIGHT?

So anyway, I’m headed to HI (hence my poor attempt at a clever title), so please send me suggestions of must-see places or any tricks you may have to share with me.

Oh, and hug your friends when you can. You’ll be glad you did.

(Thanks for sitting through another rambling post. Soon they will have more direction. You rock, though.)


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