7 Travel Blogs You’re Missing Out On

February 25, 2015

Hello, friends!

It’s been a few days, and I hope you’re enjoying my new site layout. It was a bitch to create so just keep that in mind when you’re browsing around. Just kidding. Kind of.

Anyway, I’ve been following a growing number of travel blogs over the last couple of years when this idea came into my mind. I have a firm belief that to become a better writer, you have to read all kinds of writing. That’s true for just about anything you want to pursue. If you want to be a great photographer, you have to look at various photographers. If you want to be a great painter, you have to look at great art. If you want to be a pet food taster, you have to go to JobConnect and pick something else. And maybe to a therapist.

But seriously. Inspiration is everything if you want to do something awesome. So for your enjoyment, I’ve compiled a list of ten of my favorite travel blogs (in no particular order). And who knows, maybe these will inspire you, too.



1. Young Adventuress

Liz is one of the first travel blogs I came across. Her writing is honest (and honestly funny), and her photos are phenomenal. Her Instagram account is enough to make even the most stubborn home-body want to get up and go. She lives in New Zealand as of right now, but her posts will take you around the world.



2. yTravel

This blog makes me smile. The blog is run by a married couple, Caz and Craig, and travel the world with their kids. They, too,  have magnificent photos, and they prove that just because you want a family doesn’t mean you can’t still travel the world. Inspirational and just plain lovely.



3. Flying the Nest

Run by a young couple, Stephen and Jess, this travel blog is one of my newest obsessions. The two of them make my heart melt and make me cry a little bit inside. It’s fine, really. The vlogs lead you on their (new) yearlong journey across the world and their blog is full of awesome travel tips I’ve already bookmarked for my next trips. This one is a good one.



4. World of Wanderlust

I’m obsessed. Brooke Saward is such a lovely lady from Tasmania and is embarking on another year of straight travels. Her photos are awesome, her posts are helpful, and she’s full of inspiration. She finished her university studies and decided to book a one-way ticket to London. If that doesn’t inspire you, then you’re probably hopeless. Everything she stands for is perfection. I could go on forever. But I won’t. For now. Okay.



5. Alex in Wanderland

I cam across Alex’s blog a while ago, and I LOVED IT. She’s so freaking cute. I can’t get over it. Her writing is wonderful. I read one post and found myself sitting in a coffee shop for two hours looking through her site. (I have a life, I promise.) She’s been featured all over the place, so if you needed some sort of credibility factor (as if my word isn’t enough) then there it is. Obsessed forever.



6. The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten is one popular lady. Her blog has won awards and been featured by so many travel-related companies it’s unreal. She’s living the everyday fairy tale. She left corporate life and never looked back. We should all probably take a few notes, huh? Her photos are beautiful and her she’s been some wonderful places where she includes some cultural tips (because let’s face it…we all need them). Plus, she makes me wish I still had my long blonde hair. What more could you want?




7. The Travelista

I first followed Jess on Instagram. She’s all sorts of fabulous. Really. As a luxury travel blogger, you can only imagine what her lifestyle looks like (but don’t just imagine…check it out). I want to be her. Her posts are definitely helpful and have inspired me to add quite a few of unlikely destinations to my itinerary I’m creating for post-graduation. She’s wonderful. That’s all I can say.


Have you come across any travel blogs that you want to share? Comment below, and don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter & Instagram!



Featured Image Courtesy of Jason Pratt CC BY 2.0 (2007)

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