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7 of My Favorite Photos From San Francisco

March 16, 2015

Hi, all!

I finally go around to sorting through all the (750) photos I took from my weekend in San Francisco. Let me tell you, there were some bad ones. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to my handy dandy new camera. But there were a few all right ones, and thanks to my excellent Photoshop skills, they actually turned out halfway decent.

Now, mind you, I’m not even close to a professional photographer. At all. In fact, my greatest amount of knowledge of photography includes the fact that Kelvin will never be a good filter, no matter how much Instagram tries to say it is. But I’m trying.

Anyway, as I’m posting this, I’m sad because I just want to go somewhere new, but I am poor and have a job. I don’t get a spring break. Those of you who do, enjoy it, and enjoy my photos. And if you go to San Francisco then just think of me alone in my room watching Gilmore Girls being sad because I am not there. Okay.

DSC_0370This one’s just of the city, taken from the Golden Gate Bridge. It was cold. I wore a skirt while walking the bridge. Just take my advice and if you want to wear a skirt while walking the bridge, remember that you actually shouldn’t.


5When I took this photo, I was seriously so elated that I was in San Francisco. It had been years since my one true love and I had been reunited, so just remembering taking this picture is enough for me to smile. And now cry because I’m at the university instead.


8This guy was taken in Haight-Ashbury, probably the absolute coolest neighborhood I visited while there. It’s so hip and hippie. Street art in this city was so damn cool, it’s almost a tour of its own to see.


2This is from the other side of the bridge. I actually took this while sitting on one of those huge double-decker tour buses, so I feel pretty good about this shot and the lack of motion blur. And it was just a magical sight.


6This cathedral is the Saints Peter and Paul Church. I have an obsession with old churches. Everything about them. I don’t know why, but it’s there.


3This one took me forever to get and although it’s not exceptional, I’m still proud because it’s the first photo I took like this. So suck it. Just kidding. Love you.


Tips or tricks for me? Or just something interesting to say? Or photos of your own to share? Or are you tired of me asking questions? Comment, and don’t forget to share!


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