10 Little Reasons Why I Love Oregon

March 3, 2015

If you’ve been to Oregon, you’re aware that it’s a weird place. Of course, I’m from Nevada, so I know weird places like no other. But Oregon is right up there. The people, the places, the food, the scenery. It’s all just a lot to take in.

But I love it. So much. Everything about it. Yes, there’s a lot to take in, but that’s the best part about it.

So without further ado… here’s a list of a few of my favorite things (raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens) about good ol’ Oregon.

1. Coffee. The first thing that always comes to mind when I do literally anything. I wake up. I need coffee. I begin my day. I get coffee. I want food. I get coffee instead. It’s my life. Oregon has coffee. Everywhere. Half of them are Starbucks, which if you know me at all you’d know I’d rather drink battery acid. But no matter what town you go to, there’s some sort of other coffee shop, probably hipster-esque. Portland, especially. Heart Coffee Roasters was a favorite of mine (of many) that I found when I decided to wander the city the day I was supposed to leave early on. I’m all about that fresh & local roasted coffee. They’ve got that. Portland is so hipster so hipster coffee shops are on ever corner. Did I mention I love coffee?



2. Dutch Bros. I could have mentioned this in the above category. And yes, there are plenty of these around the west, but they were literally in every town I drove through in Oregon. But as much as Dutch Bros. is known for their coffee, it’s not nearly as much as they are known for their tasty sugary diabetic drinks sent straight from Jesus himself. Yes, there is coffee in there. But that’s basically irrelevant. It’s syrupy tasty happy goodness. The people that work there are awesome and fun. The best part, though, is the fact that their blended drinks are actually made with some sort of silky slushy ice. Combine that with America’s love for sugar and you’ve got the American dream in a single drive-through coffee stand.



3. Rain. (Not of the chocolate variety) Rain is wonderful. It’s known for being gloomy and sad, but it makes me so happy. One of my favorite things to do is get coffee (see #1), and enjoy the rain. It makes everything clean, and it smells so so so so ossosososososooooo good. The Pacific Northwest has a crap-ton of rain. Oregon, in particular, gets its fair share. I’m in love with it. As much as I love the sun, bring on the seasonal depression of rain.

4.  Trees. I’ve lived in barren high-desert places 90% of my life thus far. I always appreciate a good forest. Drives through them, especially. When I drive through trees, I feel like I should be on those car channels driving like a Ferrari or something. And although Eastern Oregon is kind of gross and barren, Western Oregon is where it’s at.. Trees galore. Trees make everything seem so clean and fresh, especially paired with the rain. Everything is green and earthy and lovely and I could go on forever about trees. I’m sorry.



5. Adult video stores. I have never actually ever been in one, despite living in Nevada. I’m not a pervert. However, there’s something that makes me laugh so hard about Oregon, and that’s the over-abundance of adult video stores. In Portland, I saw so many it was actually a little overwhelming (I wonder what the coffee-shop-to-adult-video-store ratio is?). Even in the crappy little towns, there’s at least one. I’m not sure why there are so many, but it makes Oregon that much weirder and just the right amount of raunchy.

6. Portland. Portland probably require a whole post for itself, which will probably happen in the near future. Portland is a lot of things. It’s hipster as hell. Homeless people thrive. The city is both urban and earthy. Saturday Market is probably one of the most fun things I did in that city. I could literally go on forever, but the essence of Portland is exactly what their motto is: “Keep Portland Weird.” I don’t think they’ll have a hard time doing that.



7. Beaches. I love the northern coast of the Pacific. Everything is a lot colder, but it’s rocky and just plain beautiful. The little beach towns are so cute and touristy, but I would not mind being an adorable little 80-year-old woman who retires there and earned money-making little seashell sculptures. There are quite a few popular beaches up there. I went to Cannon Beach where there was a huge volleyball tourney going on. Volleyball freaks me out. But that’s not a constant thing, so if you’re like me, just remember that volleyball is seasonal and beaches are timeless.



8. Local pride. People from Oregon love telling people exactly what part of Oregon they are from. It’s actually impressive. Unlike people from California who don’t think anyone else actually knows anything about California’s geography (“I’m from the Bay Area.” Please be more specific???), Oregonians love naming their little towns or suburb area. From the small town of Bandon. Like anybody would know where that is. And I have a friend from Beaverton. Like, you’d think with a name like that, you’d just say you’re from Portland or avoid the subject altogether. But she’s very specific on Beaverton. Power to you, home girl. Nobody knows anything about Nevada aside from Las Vegas, so I don’t have much room to talk.

9. They don’t care that the main university has the ugliest color pairing known to man. Yellow and lime green? Really? And because the sporting teams are generally successful, it’s literally everywhere. They’re careless. They love their Ducks. If that doesn’t shame them, then nothing probably will. It’s fine, I guess.


Photo by: John Martinez Pavliga – CC BY 2.0 (2011)


10. Coffee. Did I mention they have a lot of coffee? (I know that Seattle is the coffee capital of the US, but I have yet to go their. Soon, friends. Soon.)


What do you love/hate about Oregon? Also, if you have suggestions for when I go this summer, let me know! Comment below, and don’t forget to like/follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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  • Reply Ren March 4, 2015 at 2:36 am

    Gotta love Mt. Hood and its summer snowboarding, also snowboarding Mt Bachelor in Bend, Deschutes Brewery (also in Bend), The Oregon Country Fair (never been, but supposedly super cool!), Hell’s Canyon, Crater Lake National Park, The Oregon Caves…
    LET’S GO!!!
    I don’t go to Oregon for the city. Besides, the city is practically in Washington anyway!

    • Reply placesandsuitcases March 11, 2015 at 6:27 am

      Hey now, the city is a hub for all the Oregonian hipsters…quite a different breed and worth the visit. I still love it!

  • Reply Ren March 4, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    No sales tax is also very nice! If you have something really expensive to buy, consider driving to Oregon to purchase it. With today’s gas prices, travel expenses could totally offset!

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